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History of the Dynamic-Materials™ Group Of Companies


Each of the operations in their own right has grown-up within a culture of innovation.

  • Pointer imageWorking on a development project with a US Technology centre and ultimately commercialising this manufacturing process.
  • Pointer imageDeveloping a refined rapid solidification process allowing significantly greater control.
  • Pointer imageDeveloping engineering software and a knowledge base to 'fast-track' ceramic part manufacture.
  • Pointer imageProducing complex engineering shapes out of transformation toughened ceramics.
  • Pointer imageWorking with a number of top quality academic institutions as well as eminent research bodies around the world to push the boundaries of material science.
  • Pointer imagePlayed a pivotal role with a number of large industrial partners to further develop the use of smart materials.

We work closely with leading international academic institutions as well as eminent research bodies around the world and have been key industrial partners to a number of such organisations over a number of years including:

  • Pointer imageEADS
  • Pointer imageDaimler-Chrysler
  • Pointer imageUSINOR
  • Pointer imageIMPHY
  • Pointer imageBatelle Institute
  • Pointer imageNASA
  • Pointer imageDSTL (Defence Scientific Technology Laboratories)
  • Pointer imageCambridge University
  • Pointer imageMIT
  • Pointer imageFrauenhoffer Institute
  • Pointer imageCERAM Research
  • Pointer imageCIMNE
  • Pointer imagePowder Matrix
  • Pointer imageNottingham University
  • Pointer imageMaterials KTN
  • Pointer imageImperial College
  • Pointer imageOxford University
  • Pointer imageLoughborough University
  • Pointer imageSheffield University
  • Pointer imageLeeds University

The projects and collaborations completed with a number of these and other 'partners' who wish to retain confidentiality, gives the Group access to an unrivalled level of intellectual input, which complements our own core competencies. Such synergy has lead to new and innovative activities that provide an interesting and exciting platform from which to grow the businesses.


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