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About Dynamic-Materials™ Group of Companies

Pointer imageCompany Profile

The Dynamic-Materials group of companies excel in working with our commercial partners to provide innovative solutions in material sciences.

In the world of materials, our experience and involvement over a number of years with many key players with the common aim of pushing the boundaries of materials science gives us a unique position in the market place.

We aim to be ‘materially different’.

Pointer imageDynamic-Ceramic

Dynamic-Materials Group acquired this company in November 1997 from Yorkshire entrepreneur, Dr Ian Birkby. Under the management and guidance of the Group, the organisation flourished to become a leading specialist producer of 'Transformation Toughened' ceramics to such an extent that it became an attractive proposition to a number of advanced materials companies worldwide. The business was sold on 27th June 2013 to CoorsTek, Inc., the world's largest technical ceramics manufacturer.

Pointer imageDynamic-Metallics

As pioneers of Rapid Solidification Technology (RST), we are recognised market leaders in the production of metallic fibres, filaments and substrates in a range of alloys, utilising our proprietary innovative manufacturing techniques and processes. Continuous development has resulted in the innovative 'i-melt' process.

Pointer imageDynamic-Composites

Combining materials to obtain synergies between them for a number of industries. In addition, our range of special coatings can further enhance materials in certain key market sectors.

Pointer imageDynamic-Minerals

We can supply a range of powdered minerals and ceramic media.

Pointer imageDynamic-Polymers

We can supply a range of polymer based fibres and filaments for concrete reinforcement in industrial applications.


The Group has a clear vision:-

" To consolidate a collection of successful companies into a significant group of world class stature, co-operating to provide innovative material solutions to the technologically demanding requirements of our commercial partners, where challenges of weight, strength, toughness and durability push out the boundaries of technology."

Dynamic-Materials is achieving this vision through organic growth, acquisitions, joint-ventures and commercial collaborations where cross-fertilisation of ideas and technologies between the parties is creating new products and applications developments in a variety of market sectors.

Dynamic-Materials, a global Group with headquarters in the East Midlands strives to provide a world-class level of service to its commercial partners.


Tel +44 (0) 1773 864201
Dynamic-Materials Group Ltd
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